Hair Care Mistakes to Avoid

Posted on January 7, 2016 By

Good looking hair plays a huge role in social acceptance. When representing ourselves we wish for shiny gorgeous hair but we fail to carry out this rather simple task. Odds are that you are making one or more of these common mistakes. Let me walk you through these simple and easily avoidable mistakes so that you can also have a hairstyle which will make your friends green with envy.

You do not de-tangle your hair before washing: Your strands get weaker and easily snarled once they are wet. Brushing your hair before a wash makes them more manageable.

You wash your hair every day: Being a clean-freak is not good in every situation. If you wash your hair every day, they get stripped off the natural oils. These natural oils provide the necessary nourishment to your locks. If you do need to wash your hair often then it’s best to do it every alternate day. On other days you can simply rinse them or at most use a good conditioner.

You do not use heat protectors: Heat protecting sprays & serum are miracle workers, yet we use our styling tools without even realizing what their high temperatures can do to our hair. It is advisable to use a heat protecting product and use your dryer or straightener at the warm setting instead of hot.

TIP: Heat protecting sprays spread more evenly on dry hair.

You do not use products according to your hair-type: If you use specialized products right from your shampoo and all the way down to your hair spray, you will get much more flattering results as these products contain the nutrients your hair needs. Always try to find out the best fit for your hair type.

You use hair sprays instead of heat protecting serum: Hair sprays have alcohol in them which fries your hair when it comes in contact with the heat your styling tools generate. You must use hair sprays as a finishing touch to styled hair.

You skip regular hair-cuts: Experts say that hair cuts have a shelf life of 4-6 weeks. Getting hair cuts regularly makes sure that the essential oils from your scalp gets evenly distributed and your hair always stays in shape. You get rid of split ends by trimming them.

Who doesn’t want their hair to sway in style? Avoid these 6 common hair care mistakes and you will have the most gorgeous and healthy hair you can ever imagine.