Hair Highlights How They Are Done

Posted on March 1, 2016 By

Hair highlights is when a person takes locks of their hair and treats them with a chemical that is meant to lighten the strands by two or three shades. Sometimes they are used with lowlights, which is when you take strands of your hair and make then two shades darker than your natural color. The reason that someone has hair highlights is to add light and depth you their own natural color. There are two different methods that you can use to add highlights. One is called foiling and the other is called the cap method. Which one you chose depends on the skill of the person who is doing the highlights and the desired effect you want to achieve. Either methods can be done at home or you can have them done at a beauty salon. Choosing a beauty salon could cost as much as a hundred dollars; it all depends on the salon.

Foiling method

When using this method for hair highlights the person doing the highlighting will have to determine where each highlight should be. Select a section of hair, hold a piece of foil under it and then they would paint the highlighting solution onto the hair. The foil is folded over the section highlighted to keep it from touching other sections. It is left on until the desired color of highlight is reached.

Cap method

Using this method is the easiest process for doing at home or a novice at highlighting hair. The first thing that you will need to do is purchase a kit that will include the cap, hair lightener, gloves, and hook. The caps you get in the kit are covered with holes that are small and evenly placed, which will help to ensure that the hair highlights are consistent and well distributed. When using this method you place the cap on your head so it will cover all the areas where you want the highlights. Next you will pull strands of hair through the holes with the hook.

You can control the subtlety or boldness of the hair highlights by adjusting the amount of hair that you pull through each hole or by skipping holes. Once you have all the strands pulled out that you want it is time to mix the highlighter and apply it to the hair. Make sure that you are wearing the gloves and also make sure that none of the highlighter gets on the skin. How long the hair highlights should stay on the hair will vary so make sure that you read the instructions carefully before you start the process.